Andrew Marshall

Founder & CEO

Oslo based Andrew loves to create, work near his fridge, skateboard and dream big. He comes up with most his ideas when he should be sleeping.

Keith Taylor

Group Operations

With too many years to remember behind him throughout the hospitality sector, Keith still holds out hope of someday being a rock star.

Ben MacMillan

Non-Executive Director

A business owner for 20 years and a natural wordsmith. We think Ben secretly dreams of being the next Irvine Welsh, until then his writing skills come in very handy with pitch decks.

Johan Odén

Non-Executive Director

A Swede living in Edinburgh aiming to live life to the full alongside his wife and family. Johan’s passion for life shows when he is helping people thrive in business and life. In proper Scandinavian style his natural habitat is on a ski slope, in a sailing boat, with golf clubs or hiking boots on.

Michael Davie

Consultancy Director

When not in the office, Michael can often be found on the golf course. If you fancy a round or would like to hear how Michael can help you or someone you know, please feel free to contact him.

David Rider

Business Development

David is driven by delivering projects that produce bigger, better and brighter outcomes. He has a disproportionate ratio of bikes to his ability to ride around Edinburgh at one time.

Jaime Lindquist-Docherty

Business Development

From hitchhiking across Africa to getting lost in the forests of Siberia, Jaime likes an adventure. His travels have been the source of many of his ideas, and he is always looking for a new challenge.

Jen Cusick

Events and drinks

A life spent on both sides of high end catering has finely honed Jen’s Glaswegian charms and banter. Champagne anyone?

Ivan Heggelund


In his own words ‘there’s not much fun to write about accountants and funeral agents…’ but in his 30 years as a certified public accountant Ivan seems to get by just fine with a love of food and drink (ideally as a consumer), vintage Swedish automobiles and as a long suffering Arsenal fan.

John Pawsey


Having worked in design for over 20 years and delivered projects for everybody from global energy companies to independent record labels, John loves to hear the words ‘just one final tweak…’

Gillian Scott

Isobel projects and awards

Boundless energy and drive coupled with an insatiable thirst for knowledge makes Gillian the ideal business partner. Just don’t sit next to her on the bus if you want to finish that book.

Julia Picone


Immersed in culture and steeped in history, Julia brings her observations to life with a beguiling mix of entrepreneurial creativity and caffeine. Nurturing ideas until they tell their own stories is her special power.

Mika Bulak

European build projects

A citizen of the world, Mika is hands on in construction projects across Europe and beyond. The definition of a ‘doer’ Mika is usually knee-deep in mortar whilst others would still be sharpening their pencils. Unless Chelsea are playing.

Dr Alistair Nesbitt

Vineyard and Wine Consultant

It seems that there is more to owning a vineyard than just enjoying a bottle or two, so we enlisted the help of Alistair. A PhD in viticulture & climate science and a BSc and master’s degree in viticulture & oenology make him guarantees our wine portfolio, and certainly adds an extra dimension to our tastings.

Lana Stevenson

Social communications

Most of the way through a medical degree having seemingly specialised in the effects of burning the candle at either end, Lana is all things social. And she’ll tell you all about it.

Simon Dempsey

Brand Collaborations

Loves a project and can quite often be found under the bonnet bringing life and love back to unwanted automobiles. One man’s junk is Simon’s treasure and he has a magical talent for bringing disparate parts together into a wonderful whole.

Marcus Roberts

Brand Collaborations

Working on Oslo’s rooftops didn’t seem to have taught Marcus much about heights. Always setting goals way too high, only competing with his yesterday’s self, Marcus loves learning even when that sometimes means falling down.

Helen Laing


Equal parts organised, precise and terrifying – nothing gets past Helen and her ring binders.